Tips to help children with Online learning

As with most teaching methods, e-learning is used the most today because of Covid-19. Thus, for a better education of children, it is incumbent on the participation of parents in the process of integrating the child with the collaboration of teachers. So that children can learn easily and have good results. So, for a good success we offer you 4 important keys to take care of your children.


Online learning is an effective way for teachers to teach students and for parents to be even closer to children through their supervision. So, it is important for parents to keep an eye on what their children are doing during school hours.   Parental involvement is essential to a child’s development and offers many benefits, including. When there is good communication between parents and teachers, absenteeism decreases.   It also improves student behavior in class. As parents and teachers communicate more, students feel more engaged in their classes, and their self-esteem and classroom attitudes improve.  Parental involvement improves teacher performance. When parents have better communication with teachers, they will offer to value the work and challenges that teachers face, which makes teachers feel appreciated. It also helps teachers get to know the student better, allowing them to teach in a more personalized and effective way.

Enable “fun” learning

Parents can support their children’s learning by encouraging playtime.  Play is very important for child development. In addition, young children can develop many skills through the power of playful learning. They can develop their language skills, emotions, creativity, and social skills. Play helps feed the imagination and gives children a sense of adventure. Through this, they can learn essential skills such as problem solving, teamwork, sharing and much more.


Encourage weekly feedback sessions

       Ask your child how their learning is going.   What works for him? What are its difficulties? Then share her teacher’s feedback and discuss what you can expect.   Children should participate in their own education. And distance learning can make them feel like they’re in control of their learning. There is usually more freedom than is allowed in a standard school setting. If Something is not working, try Something new!

Celebrate wins

Learning at home or at school can seem monotonous or boring for children with the same routine day after day. So, make the week exciting and celebrate victories big and small. Did they finish their weekly reading earlier? Celebrate it with movie night and fun snacks. Did they succeed in their part of the group project? Take an ice cream break in the afternoon! .Give them fun surprises rather than using them as bribes to get them to do their job. Celebrate their commitment and accomplishments without adding pressure to their lives. These little treats are a great way to keep the motivation going all year round.


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