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Reasons To Use 3D Virtual Environments In The Workplace

      Ever since the pandemic happened in late 2019, Buisinesses lost a lot of employees because of it. Some where mainly physical and you had to be onsite, or didn’t have remote work setup yet. Any technology that was for remote work started to boom, such as: zoom, slack and google teams.

There was still issues with remote work that needed a workaround. For example: trouble monitoring employees remotely, and less motivation to work, due to how limited these services are in just text chat and voice chat.

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Less absence from work

Hypothetically, let’s say that your employee has an appointment an hour away. If the appointment takes and hour to finish. Then your employee just lost 3 hours of work.

But with remote work. They can continue working from home and even work extra without needing to stay at work.

Great if you work in the education industry

It’s much more engaging for students if they have virtual avatars then talking in a voice chat. You can have group meetings and projects in one virtual campus that you can supervise and check in with students.

There are sites such as Virbela, that can help with presenting, that no other remote medium can. This is referring too the function of showing 3D models and assets in the environment and interacting with them

Virtual Events

With the pandemic, in person events were banned due to safety risks of infection. Virtual events were a substitute for them since they were completely safe and also you don’t need to commute to the venue of the event.

To conclude

Using virtual environements for the workplace and or in the education sector, could be a huge benefit to the overall motivation of your employees and student satisfaction with the course.

sources: https://www.virbela.com/solutions/remote-learning

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